Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Place Mat Pillows

If I ever wondered where I get my crafty side from, this weekend solved the mystery. My mom bounced into the kitchen and announced she was going to make some pillows. I of course grabbed my camera and followed knowing I could put her creation on my blog.  She made these really cute pillows. They are made from place mats we purchased at an estate sale a few weeks ago. The project literally took her ten minutes total. 

2 place mats
Sewing machine

Step 1- Start with two place mats.

2. Line them up with the decorative side facing outward on both sides. (One of these days we will get some sort of table to sew on instead of using the floor).

3. Sew three of the four sides together.

4. Insert pillow.

5. Sew the final side together.

6. Enjoy your adorable pillow.

This post is clearly dedicated to my mom since she is the one who created the pillows. She literally made them 30 minutes before people arrived at my graduation party. I have to give a shout out to my dad though, he stained the deck and painted the patio all for my party. His do it yourself projects don't often make it on to my blog.


  1. Way cute pillows! But it makes my back hurt to watch someone sewing on the floor! :-)

  2. What a good idea! Smart thinking mrs.dreyer!

  3. Love these! And congratulations on graduation!

  4. Super cute! I love pillows out of place mats cause you can find such cute prints! Love the sewing on the floor too! lol

    thanks for linking up to last week's Catch a Glimpse party!