Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Cupcakes

This past weekend my parents threw me a great graduation party. The theme behind the party was easy & simple! We had a ton going on and needed everything to be cute but quickly created. That's where the cupcakes came in. They are very cute and very easy; not to mention they taste great. The kids and parents both loved them. 

Cupcake mix
Reese's minis
Hershey chocolate bar
Edible easter basket grass or sour straws

1. Bake & ice the cupcakes. I made a mix of mini and regular sized cupcakes to create some variation on the cake platter.
2. Place a  Reese's mini in the middle of each iced cupcake.

3. Break the Hershey's bars into rows.

4. Cut the rows into squares. Some recipes like this one used Ghirardelli squares on top of the Reece's Mini but they are pretty expensive. I opted for the more cost effective Hershey's bars.

5. Once the Hershey's bar is cut into squares put a small dot of icing on the back of each square and place it on top of the Reese's Mini.

6. To place the tassle on top I added a dot of icing and then placed a small piece of the edible grass you put in Easter baskets. My mom randomly had some in her baking supplies. If you don't have the edible grass, you can use Sour Punch sour strings. 

7. Finally add whatever extra decorations your heart desires. I added sprinkles in blue and green, my school colors.

This one goes out to my mom since she planned my graduation party and baked the cupcakes. Thanks Mom!

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  1. those look so yummy ashton! Love the little hats :)