Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spray paint + Drop cloth = Curtains

I LOVE Anthropologie with all my heart and want everything they create in my apartment. If only their stuff wasn't through the roof expensive... While trying to redecorate my room I thought, I'll just look and see what they have. Of course I found something I loved that was not within my grad student budget. As always I decided to try and make them myself. 

-Painting drop cloth
-Spray paint

1. Head to the hardware store and pick out your drop cloth. They are in the painting section. Drop cloths come in a million different sizes. Pick the one that fits your set of windows the best. I got lucky, all I had to do to make mine fit was cut the drop cloth in half. 

2. After I cut the drop cloth in half, I ironed it. I did this so that when I spray painted the stencil onto the drop cloth it would be on a flat surface.  As always, I had a little help from a furry friend. This is Ella, my roommates King Charles. 

 3. Next, my mom hemmed the sides and created a pocket for the curtain rod. This drop cloth was already hemmed on each side and on the bottom. All we had to do was fold over the fabric on one side (where I cut the drop cloth in half) of each panel and sew the side. Then we folded over the top and sewed across the top to create a pocket big enough for the curtain rod to go through.

 4. Finally, I put some plastic down and spray painted the stencil on to the curtain panel. I painted the stencil in all different directions and in no apparent pattern. I bought the stencil from etsy at a great shop called lightsforever. It was only $9.50, such a great deal! This is the website if you want to order one http://www.etsy.com/shop/Lightsforever?ref=ss_profile 

5. This is the final project. I love them!!
- When spray painting with the stencils, wipe the paint off from time to time. If there is too much paint on the stencil it will drip onto the curtain. Wipe the paint off with a dry paper towel. DO NOT try and wash it off. This is the product of trying to wash wet paint off a stencil.  My cute flower scrubber is now in the trash. 

Drop cloth - $14.00
Spray paint- $4.00
Stencil- $10.00

This post has a celebrity dedication. Since this weekend was Fathers Day, I was subjected to watching whatever my dad wanted on the television. Golf, particularly the U.S. Open was his choice. That being said, this post goes out to Rory McIlroy. He played so well at the U.S. Open that it made me want to get my clubs (that have been sitting in my trunk for 6 months) out and head to the driving range with my dad. It could also be because he is really easy on the eyes. Either way he is a great golfer and now a major champion, check him out at http://www.rorymcilroy.com/home.html he also has a twitter if you want to follow him @mcilroyrory

Ohhh and here is a picture of me and my dad in honor of Father's Day. He is the best!!


  1. How creative!! The results are amazing!!

  2. Great project! I have been wanting to do this but haven't gotten the courage yet! Yours look wonderful though.

  3. What a great project. I love the yellow, so cheery!

  4. Great job and inexpensive. I am a new follower. Check me out at www.sciencesoftballandsomethingsweet.blogspot.com

  5. Ok, so I'm not quite sure why I wasn't a follower. I love these curtains. And the cocktail recipe below. And the stools. Ahhh everything is great!

  6. What a fun color combo for your room! Gotta love the hardware store for cheap fabric... Burlap, muslin, dropcloth, and MUCH cheaper than a fabric store!

    Crafty Butt

  7. Great idea! I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now: http://www.craftyconfessions.com/2011/06/tuesday-confessional-link-party.html. I hope to see you soon!

  8. very beautiful creation... It is indeed amazing when you can convert something of a plain cloth into something very vibrant ! Loved the idea !

  9. love the idea..it turned out great. can also try these on pillows also.

  10. What..!!! you made these yourself!! wow!! You are super talented... and its such a fab idea.. I've got to try it..

    Thanks for linking in to the Weekend Wrap up!! I totally love your little flower scrubber :-)

  11. I love seeing home crafted items around the home, the curtains are excellent. And a bargain!