Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wrought Iron Headboard

I took a little bit of a break from my blog. The main reason being I have been out of the country. My roommate and I spent 3 weeks traveling through Europe. We had a great time and I will post some pictures soon. Now that the school year has begun again I am back to blogging. I have some really great and cost effective projects to come (after my trip I have been penny pinching even more then ever!) This project is one of my FAVORITE so far...

When I decided to move last year, I also I decided I wanted to redecorate my bedroom. I started the redecoration process by searching for a bed. My first stop was Anthropologie. As always, I fell in love with something way outside my price range. I emailed a picture of the bed to my mom. Thankfully,  she was game for trying to recreate the beautiful headboard. This is my favorite project!

Decorative wrought iron piece
2 2X4's
3 add a leg kits
Spray paint

1. Find your wrought iron pieces. My mom and I started our search at estate sales but weren't finding anything. We decided to change to antique/junk type stores. That is where we found the pieces I used. One piece wasn't large enough. I called a welder, he stopped by my house and welded the two pieces together in about 5 minutes. It wasn't very expensive either. 

Notice all the stuff in the background? My parents and I just had what we so kindly call the "Great Debate" again. It is over why I hoard random objects in our garage and say they are for crafts. Have any of you ever had that conversation? 

2. Cut your two 2X4's to the length you want your iron pieces (remember most hardware stores will cut the wood for you) and nail them together.

3. Hold the iron piece on top of your wood. Mark where the legs touch the wood. Drill a hole where you marked, large enough for the legs to fit.

Dad was kind enough to drill the holes for me.

My little brother Cody was a great help!

4. Fill the holes with epoxy and insert the iron piece into the wood. 

We squirted out the epoxy and then used a popsicle stick to get the epoxy into the holes. You may want to wear gloves, epoxy will not come off easily!

 6. Once the epoxy is dry, spray paint the base of the head board. Also, spray paint the legs to match.

7. Next, attach your legs. This part was really simple I just bought the little kit (pictured below) and screwed them to the base. I measured the height of the bed frame and had the hardware store cut the legs to fit. 

8. Then stand the head board up right and screw the bed frame into the base of the headboard.

9. Finally reassemble your bed.

This is the final product. I am in LOVE!!

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