Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Low-Calorie Cocktail

With summer at its hottest, just thinking about drinking beer or wine makes me feel heavy and lethargic. Last night my roommate brought home a recipe for a low-calorie cocktail. It turned out to be just what I wanted, a delicious and light drink. Perfect for these hot summer days. The wonderful ladies on the View along with the guys at Ocean Spray provided her with the recipe.

1. Vodka
2. Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice Drink
3. Lime juice
4. Mint leaves

1. To begin, crush the mint leaves into small pieces. We are spoiled with the herb garden my roommate's mom made. It  allowed us to use fresh mint but most grocery stores also carry mint leaves.

2. Add one shot of vodka to each glass.

 3. Add a sprinkling of mint to each glass.

 4. Pour a tablespoon of lime juice into each glass.

 5. Top it off with Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice Drink. We used one whole can in each cocktail. These are great to drink without the vodka too!

6. Add some straws and you are set!

This post is dedicated to my friend Leslie, a returning competitor in the Miss. Georgia pageant. When she brings home the 2011 Miss. Georgia crown, we will be celebrating with this yummy drink. The picture below is Leslie packed up and ready for success at Miss. Georgia.



  1. yumm....looks so cute when its done to

  2. Wow! Looks tasty. Your roommate must be so awesome.

  3. Probably the dearest Roommate I know :)

  4. YUM! We'll have to make these when you come to visit :)